Who are we though, for realsy?

Austin and Sophia became business partners in college in 2017, while (conveniently) studying entrepreneurship. They started their first business with an unrelenting mission to spread healthy vibes all over the country, as they grew from a single food truck to health food cafes on college campuses across the country.

Since then, the duo has entered the CPG (consumer packaged goods) space, with a strong desire to make their genuinely nutritious food options even more accessible and convenient. realsy is a snacking company with a mission to make real delicious, real nutritious snacks, that take it a step past better-for-you, but genuinely GOOD-for-you snacking. Think: ingredients as simple as fresh produce – but exciting, novel, and uber easy to take with you wherever you might be headed. Our commitment to using real ingredients in every product we offer you is unwavering, and we can tell you that for realsy.

Meet the Team

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We strive to provide nutritionally dense and delicious snacks to people who believe food should be how nature really intended.

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